Custom Camera Lens Kit

Help your customers take more stunning photos with the Custom Camera Lens Kit! The kit contains three lens options to help your customers take professional-like photos. Each kit also includes customizable caps and lenses, making the Custom Camera Lens Kit an excellent promotional item.

Printing: 4-Color Printing, High quality full color printed adhesive
Colors: Black Blue Silver
Clip & Caps Color: Black
Material: Solid Plastic & Aluminum
Turn Times: Xpress in 1-5 Business Days

  • The Custom Camera Lens Kit includes a Fisheye lens, Macro lens, Wide angle lens, and Lens clip. The Zoom telescope lens rotates to adjust focus for sharper images and the lenses screw easily into the padded clip. Made of solid plastic and aluminum, our premium lenses ensure all images are free of contortion.
  • Fisheye lens 180°- Ideal for shooting wide-angle shots and panoramic views
  • Macro lens 1-2 cm away- Brings out crystal clear detail in small objects like flowers
  • Wide angle 0.67 x zoom lens- Allows you to capture the entire landscape scene
  • Lens clip- Easy attachment for capturing memories on-the-go
  • Protective lens caps and carrying bags included

  • Each lens clip is compatible with most smartphones and tablets up to 13mm thick. Customize your Camera Lens Kits with our high-quality full color printed adhesive options.

Camera Lens Kit and Color options include:
  • Black Lens
  • Blue Lens
  • Silver Lens
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Imprint Options

  • Printing: 4-Color Printing, High quality full color printed adhesive
  • Imprint Location: Clips & Caps
  • Imprint Size (Large Clip): 14.5mm x 15mm
  • Imprint Size (Small Clip): 12.5mm x 8.5mm
  • Imprint Size (Telephoto Bottom Cap): 23mm Diameter
  • Imprint Size (Telephoto Top Cap): 18mm Diameter
  • Imprint Size (Large Lens Cap): 21mm Diameter
  • Imprint Size (Small Lens Cap): 16mm Diameter

Imprint Area

Imprint Area