Custom 4-Port Car Charger

The perfect promotional giveaway is here: the Custom 4 Port Car charger! A custom phone charger is exactly what your company needs to help boost your numbers. Custom portable chargers offer great value for their amenities! This custom car charger offers a designated print space that, when coupled with our fantastic 4 color printing, will make your logo pop. Every time a customer uses this car charger for their mobile phone or other portable USB device, they will see your logo and remember your company. This device features a light up ring that glows when plugged in and it comes in a variety of colors to match or set off your logo or artwork!

Printing: 4-Color Printing
Material: High impact ABS plastic
Colors: Black
LED Ring Colors: Red Blue Green Gray Pink Orange Gold Purple Maroon Dark Blue
4 charging ports
Light up ring
Full color print logo
Compatible with USB 2.0 devices
Output: 5V/5A
Opti-Charge Technology
FCC and CE Certified
UL Listed
RoHS Compliant
Turn Times: Xpress in 1-5 Business Days.
CE, FC and RoHS Certification
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(Sample Includes Custom Printed Promo America Logo Only)

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Imprint Options

  • Product Size: 38mm x 32mm x 70mm
  • Print Types: Full-Color Printing
  • Imprint Location: Charger & Clamshell
  • Imprint Size: 20mm x 25mm Charger / 63.5mm x 133.35mm Clamshell

Imprint Area