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Prestige Earbuds + Mic

The Prestige with microphone offers everything you could want in a promotional product. It is sturdy, well made, and useful—things that potential clients and recipients will see reflected in your company. It produces a rich sound with a deep bass and utilizes no tangle cords. The bag can also be printed with your logo/brand name. The Prestige features many options such as clamshell packaging (to give a retail look and feel), and customizable pillow box or StuffleBag. It can also be purchased in bulk with or without custom logo printing on the bags.


Imprint Options

  • Print Types: 4-Color Printing (Express)
  • Imprint Location: Cap, StuffleBag
  • StuffleBag Imprint Size: 35mm x 57mm
  • Pillow Box Imprint Size: 63.5mm x 50.8mm
  • Clamshell Imprint Size: 97.28mm x 174.2mm

Imprint Area